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 Faults in MX donation
Author: A.Clack   (31 May 07 1:50pm)
I have donated an MX record which worked fine at the start showing as active in the control panel but over the last couple of weeks I have received emails stating that the MX record is showing faults, also the control panel has the following message...

"It appears the MX you have donated does not exist. Please ensure that an MX record comes up when a dig is run: dig"

When I run nslookup everything appears fine with the mail server address showing correctly.
The DNS records are set up correct and the stats page shows emails being delivered through public honeypots, can anybody tell me what the problem is? I am considering removing the donation as it appears to have gained a fault
 Re: Faults in MX donation
Author: J.Czebotar   (2 Jun 07 11:52pm)
I seem to be having the same problem. when i dig my mx records, everything checks out ok; but can't seem to query my dns server. Can we get more detailed information on what errors you are getting?
 Re: Faults in MX donation
Author: A.Clack   (3 Jun 07 7:12am)
I had an email yesterday (02/06/07) to say that my mx donation was designated inactive due to the errors found, errors that I could not find, (incorrect nameservers, domain not existing, mx record could not be found) so I removed the donation all together as this seemed to be the easiest option.
 Re: Faults in MX donation
Author: J.Czebotar   (6 Jun 07 1:06am)
it seems they have corrected the problem; my mx entries now show as active again

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