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 Profanity filter problem
Author: T.Kenneford   (23 May 07 5:06am)

Hi, just tried to donate a subdomain MX ( and it's failed because of this filter ... I guess the "butt" is the problem. Can someone add this manually ?
 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: S.Cleaver   (7 Jun 07 11:35am)

Yea i tried to add a subdomain ( but it also didn't pass... im guessing its related to the beaver... please guys work on the filter a bit more! Its bringing up too many false positives :-P
 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: M.Prince   (21 Jul 07 5:04pm)
Yeah, we know it's a bit strict. The concern is that donated domains can appear on third party sites. We want to balance getting as many donations as possible with ensuring that someone doesn't show up on someone's site that may offend them. Obviously both the domains mentioned above are not really offensive.

We've considered a "request an exemption" link from the profanity filter. That's a relatively low priority, however, given a number of other projects we have on our plate.

In the meantime, you can always donate the domain and mark it as private. Then it will only show up on your own sites' honey pots, so you can be as offensive as you want.
 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: J.Pratt3   (29 Jul 07 4:04am)
I understand the being cautious on the domains, but didn't pass the profanity filter either. Nor did

I'm really hard pressed to find *anything* in either of those domains that could be considered profane.
 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: F.Brueggemann2   (2 Aug 07 5:33pm)
I have the same problem. I tried several subdomains:

None was accepted.
Than I gave up....

Any solution?
 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: C.Wilson6   (3 Aug 07 8:04am)
Perhaps the filter should look for whole words instead of any domain that contans a sequence of letters in side each domain part. Or quarrantine suspect domains for manually screening.

 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: M.Prince   (3 Aug 07 11:24pm)
Continue the donation process with the domain marked private. Then send us a request via the contact us form and we can manually override the profanity filter on a case-by-case basis. It's not a perfect solution, but it will work for now Evetually we'll create a more automated process for requesting an exemption.
 Re: Profanity filter problem
Author: A.Duncan2   (20 Feb 08 5:31pm)
Does this mean that obviously adults-only names are not allowed? Strange, I would have thought that adults-only type domains would be ok, since so much spam is porn related. I have a domain I'm not using at all, but the name is quite obviously pornish -- it's not allowed?

Thx much

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