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 can't donate
Author: P.Marione   (21 May 07 8:21am)
I try to donate

My provider changed the MX record DEF.TTL IN MX 10 DEF.TTL IN MX 50 DEF.TTL IN A
Then I got a message from you
"Unfortunately, it appears there are some problems with your donation(s). Specifically, it appears the changes you made to your DNS records are not correct. We have attempted to identify the problems for errant donation(s) below. "

I asked the provider who answered:
There is no IP attached with

Which IP have I to use?
The one of my server or on of yours?

Thank you in advance,
P. Marione
 Re: can't donate
Author: M.Prince   (21 May 07 1:17pm)
That's an odd response from your DNS provider. I assume they want to have an A record in order to setup an MX record. While this really isn't required, it's fine to setup. You should use your own web server's IP address for the A record (or if you don't have your own web server, you can use something random... like Google: Then you want to point your MX server at the domain we have assigned you.

Good luck! Thanks for your help with the Project.

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