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 mx Donation instructions
Author: D.Baumn   (13 May 07 6:53pm)
Is it just me or is the instructions for installing a mx record unhelpful?

It said basically what the mx record is and to

"put 4 nameservers" 4 being in bold.
 Re: mx Donation instructions
Author: M.Prince   (14 May 07 2:15am)
Where are you seeing this?
 Re: mx Donation instructions
Author: D.Baumn   (14 May 07 7:53am)
I see what the problem is. I added another domain and I was just reading the quick instructions (which is the default)

it states "You will need to make this change on your 4 name servers." 4 being in bold.

in the detailed that line made more sense along with listing the priority of the mx record which was missing in the quick instructions. SIlly me. Sorry.

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