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 ccTLD MX Problems Fixed
Author: M.Prince   (4 May 07 10:23pm)
Ok... I know people have had questions about why a lot of MX donations haven't been working. For some reason -- we still don't know why -- our DNS server stopped reporting back a piece of information that we were using to do domain setup verifications. Specifically, we weren't getting the name server records.

Here's the thing, in 99.9% of cases we don't need the name server records to verify donations. We made the check for a rare potential case. Over the last few days since we noticed the problem we've been investigating what to do. Since we haven't been able to reliably cajole our DNS server into returning the information we required, we began to investigate other potential solutions.

A few minutes ago we pushed out a new version of the verification script. Donations that previously have failed will automatically retest over the next week. If you want to move your domain to the front of the queue, login to your account, click the Manage MX Entries submenu, and click the "Test" or "Reset" button next to the domain which previously failed.

We expect this to should solve the problems people have been having with MX donations. Sorry it took us a few days to resolve. Keep the MX donations coming!!

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 Re: ccTLD MX Problems Fixed
Author: J.Besse   (8 May 07 7:20am)
Just received the notice that two MX records were validated. Thanks for your efforts, I'm glad I now can contribute more in the anti spam fight!
 Re: ccTLD MX Problems Fixed
Author: J.Nasby   (8 May 07 2:58pm)
Ditto! Can't wait to see MX traffic coming through!

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