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 Problem with MX donation
Author: R.Mueller   (4 May 07 8:47am)
Hi there!

Yesterday, I have donated the following MX entry:

Redirects to:

I made the follwowing entries in the DNS-Server which is responsible for the domain "":

MX Records: 86400 10

A Records: 86400 is the IP-Address of my Webserver.

Today, I recived the following E-Mail from the ProjectHoneypot-Team:
In order for this donation to be effective, you must point all the name servers controlling to our mail servers at The specific problem we have identified with your DNS modifications for this donation is that it appears the domain which is authoritative for your donated MX Entry may have expired. It could be that we simply experienced a DNS error when we tested. However, you should check to ensure that the domain ( is still registered and active.

Where is the problem?

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 Re: Problem with MX donation
Author: M.Prince   (4 May 07 12:07pm)
We are having a problem with our DNS system resolving some ccTLDs (the domains that end with a 2-digit country code). We're not sure why or how to fix it within the domain system so we are rewriting the checking code to check in a different way. We'll make the change soon and your domain should activate.

Sorry for the problems.


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