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 Instructions for djbdns users
Author: J.Simpson   (23 Nov 04 3:11am)
i'm a firm believer in djbdns over bind, win2k, or any other dns server package i've seen out there. for those who are also running tinydns for your authoritative nameservers, here's an example of how to set up your donated MX record:

in this example...

- "" is the name YOU OWN which you are donating to the cause

- the first empty space is where an IP address would go, if you were also creating an A record of the type "" and having the MX record point there... since we're not doing that, we leave it empty.

- "" is the name that the "donate MX record" web page will tell you to point it to

- "0" is the "MX priority". technically any number from 0-65535 will work, as long as this is the only MX record for "". it is optional, and if omitted the default will be zero.

- "3600" is the timeout for the record, in this case one hour. i include it in with a one-hour limit because that's how i do all of my DNS records- a one-hour limit on all records. it is optional, if omitted the default is "carefully selected to work well in normal situations" according to djb's documentation.

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