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 Authoritative domain expired?
Author: J.Schippers   (3 May 07 5:23am)
I get this error email about my MX entry:

In order for this donation to be effective, you must point all the name servers controlling to our mail servers at The specific problem we have identified with your DNS modifications for this donation is that it appears the domain which is authoritative for your donated MX Entry may have expired. It could be that we simply experienced a DNS error when we tested. However, you should check to ensure that the domain ( is still registered and active.

nslookup shows that it works:

> set type=mx

Non-authoritative answer: MX preference = 0, mail exchanger = nameserver = nameserver =

What's wrong?
 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: M.Prince   (3 May 07 1:05pm)
There is a problem on our end with ccTLD lookups for certain domains. We are working to resolve it. I will post to the forums as soon as we do.

 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: D.Shadow   (3 May 07 6:53pm)
Take a look at my thread at

I am getting the same problem.
 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: F.McKnight   (3 May 07 8:49pm)
I think the same problem is effecting my donation @:
 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: F.McKnight   (6 May 07 11:35am)
Looks like they have it fixed now.

 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: D.Shadow   (6 May 07 1:53pm)
You sure it is fixed I never saw anything posted on the forums about it \
like they said they were going to do when the problem was resolved.
 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: D.Shadow   (6 May 07 1:54pm)
Ignore my last post I see it now.. and yes it does appear that the problem
with the MX donations has been fixed let me resubmit my domain
and test it and see if it is actually working.

The anouncement is located at
 Re: Authoritative domain expired?
Author: M.Prince   (6 May 07 4:13pm)
Yep. We think it's fixed. Let us know if you have additional problems.


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