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 MX donation still not working for sub-domains
Author: J.Nasby   (2 May 07 12:57pm) is still an issue for me. I just tried to get this working again, and got the following email:

In order for this donation to be effective, you must point all the name
servers controlling ABBOT.DECIBEL.ORG to our mail servers at
MX2.MXMAILER.COM. The specific problem we have identified with your DNS
modifications for this donation is that it appears that you have changed
some, but not all of your name servers. While we found that you had
correctly modified the settings for at least one of your name server(s),
you must modify all the name servers that are responsible for this
domain in order for this donation to be completed. It is possible that
the modifications to the additional name server have yet to be picked up
in which case we will check again over the next few days.

This is the same issue as before; there's only 3 nameservers that are authoritative for the abbot sub-domain, and they're different from what's authoritative for
 Re: MX donation still not working for sub-domains
Author: D.Shadow   (3 May 07 6:55pm)
Take a look at my thread at

I am having prolems with this too they are saying it is
an issue on the server side and they are attempting
to correct this problem.

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