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 What about A Records?
Author: R.Monks   (22 Nov 04 2:49pm)
I have set up and donated an MX record without problem, but I also have an A record for the same sub-domain, with the IP of my server specified. I created it thinking I would need it for the subdomain to be valid. Do I actually need this A record or can I delete it? This is on a Cobalt RaQ550.
 Re: What about A Records?
Author: M.Prince   (22 Nov 04 6:35pm)
Technically you do not need an A record for your MX record. However, some GUI-based DNS editors require you to have one. If you are editing your DNS entries manually, or if your GUI editor allows you do create an MX without an A or to delete the A after the MX has been created, you're welcome to go ahead and delete it.

Thanks for your help with the Project!

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