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 Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: M.Larsen   (18 Jan 07 7:15am)
I have tried donating the MX entry: "" a few months back, to no avail. Somehow the donation process thinks that the domain does not exist, and therefore have 0 nameservers.

I am thinking this could be a case of over-caching (ignoring TTL's), that some (not mine) ISP's do.

Maybe this is related to ".dk" changing nameservers a few months back.

I have all ready donated MX records on about 20 domains with no problems.

I have tested using DNSStuff and it seems to be ok:

Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards
Morten Larsen.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: J.Besse   (28 Mar 07 4:28pm)
Still waiting for a fix for this problem, too. The system at projecthoneypot seems to work fine with non-country TLD's, but fails on country TLD's. Maybe it's the length? (Country TLD's are 2 characters, others are longer.)

I donated a .com, a .eu and a .nl. All three live on the same DNS servers, with (approx.) the same contents. The .com works, the other 2 don't.

Please fix your check code, there IS an error in it, preventing country TLD's to pass the test.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: J.Besse   (24 Apr 07 2:49am)
Project honeypot, any update on this? It's nice to see new things coming, however you would be able to get a lot more MX entries if you would fix the issue with country TLD's.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: M.Prince   (25 Apr 07 4:33am)
We've got lots of domains donated with ccTLDs that work fine, so I'm not sure what's going on here. As soon as things settle down, we'll look into this more closely. Sorry for the delay.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: J.Besse   (25 Apr 07 7:43pm)
If you need to test something, feel free to contact me privately. I can read and write PHP, and am willing to review and troubleshoot your code.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: J.Ward2   (30 Apr 07 5:23am)
This is the same issue as I am having .EU domains.

The problem is not ISP related Im sure. I suspect a configuration issue you PHP's end.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: L.Jones2   (30 Apr 07 8:45pm)
I'm having a similar problem. My MX record contribution with the country top level domain ".US" returns a report that says:

"Unfortunately, it appears there are some problems with your donation(s). Specifically, it appears the changes you made to your DNS records are not correct. We have attempted to identify the problems for errant donation(s) below.


[my subdomain].[my domain].US
In order for this donation to be effective, you must point all the name servers [my subdomain].[my domain].us to our mail servers at The specific problem we have identified with your DNS modifications for this donation is that it appears the domain which is authoritative for your donated MX Entry may have expired. It could be that we simply experienced a DNS error when we tested. However, you should check to ensure that the domain ([my subdomain].[my domain].us) is still registered and active."


Of course, the domain is not expired, this is just the automated response which is in error.
 Re: Update on 0 nameservers?
Author: M.Prince   (30 Apr 07 9:16pm)
Yes, something is strange when we do the automatic DIG to look up information on some ccTLD domains. Our engineers are aware of the problem and are trying to figure out what's wrong. When we DIG from our office, we get the correct information. When we DIG from the Project Honey Pot servers, we get the wrong information. Not sure why yet.

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