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 Cannot delete unfinished pot
Author: A.Gatlin   (7 May 16 8:30pm)
For some reason awardspace's free hosting will not run the php script. When I click delete, to try another method, nothing happens.
 Re: Cannot delete unfinished pot
Author: H.User1325   (8 May 16 6:59am)
Sounds like the issues is with your free hosting, that affects Honey Pot. Check with them.

Check the permissions on the php script to make sure it can be executed. The instructions may be wrong.

 Re: Cannot delete unfinished pot
Author: A.Gatlin   (11 May 16 2:12pm)
Well, I switched to my dev server i run off my own computer and I was able to get the script to register. There really should be a way to delete unfinished pots.
 Re: Cannot delete unfinished pot
Author: H.User1325   (11 May 16 5:36pm)
There is nothing magic about the honeyPot php script file. I you have the correct permissions the file can be deleted. Check with your host.
 Re: Cannot delete unfinished pot
Author: A.Gatlin   (11 May 16 10:05pm)
The problem was definitely with the host, but I'm saying there was also a problem with my account, here at On the "Manage Honeypots" page there is an option to "delete" a honeypot, but if the honeypot is not "Finished", the link to delete the honeypot does nothing and that is senseless.

Post Edited (11 May 16 10:06pm)
 Re: Cannot delete unfinished pot
Author: A.Gatlin   (11 May 16 10:45pm)
I got a reply from the fine people at projecthoneypot and I believe the "Download a new script" link is how change methods of registering the script. Thanks

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