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 Advice with installing Honeypot
Author: J.Editor   (31 Dec 15 2:13am)
Hello folks,

Can someone give me advice on installing the Honeypot software please? I've never worked with PHP before. Until now, I've added the quicklinks to each page (one of these gives a 404 btw) but as there are a lot of pages, need a better way of doing it.

Any advice in simple terms would be most welcome.


 Re: Advice with installing Honeypot
Author: H.User1325   (31 Dec 15 12:16pm)
From what I read most of the quicklinks you added to your pages work? In that case only the one that returns a 404 was added incorrectly.

What you should have added was one of the lines of HTML code sent to you when you requested you QuickLink. You could have caused an error if you did not insert the line of code in a proper place in your existing HTML code. I would be glad to look at your code fragment to see what caused the error.

On the other hand have you gone to <Home> <Manage QuickLing> and under Step 1 clicked on "Verify my Quicklink"

Just another user.

Post Edited (31 Dec 15 12:17pm)
 Re: Advice with installing Honeypot
Author: M.Hallam   (26 May 16 12:42am)
I would like to add a honeypot to my contact form, but it is asking for the program language !!
I am using NeObjects Fusion 15 to build my site, I know there is "HTML" and i've seen "PHP" and CSS .
I know absolutely nothing about programing, which is why I'm using a program that does it for
Can anyone advise which language I should choose.
 Re: Advice with installing Honeypot
Author: H.User1325   (26 May 16 12:36pm)
If you see files with a php extension then that sounds like a good option.
 Re: Advice with installing Honeypot
Author: N.Sarayut   (31 Jul 18 5:29am)

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