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 Wordpress installation
Author: M.Grist   (7 Apr 15 4:14pm)
I have installed Honey Pot successfully however I am not sure how to integrate with my WordPress site.
The instructions at step 4 tell me to add HTML code but where do I paste this?
I am mainly trying to stop spam user registrations, so I added the code to the "text" as opposed to the "visual" editing area of the page where users register. Is this the right place and how do I know it is working?
Maria Grist
 Re: Wordpress installation
Author: H.User1325   (7 Apr 15 5:25pm)
Hi Maria, Welcome to the Project Honey Pot fight agents spam.
As another user of the php services let me be sure we (you and I) are on the same page. I am not quite sure which software/service you are talking about.

An installed Honey Pot, obtained from Home -> Manage Honey Pots, is a trap that email harvesters will hopefully access and obtain an email address that can be used to track the harvester and those spammers the email address is given to to spam. The information obtained in this way is added to the Project Honey Pot BlackList database and is accessible using the HTTP: Blacklist service. The Honey Pot in its self WILL NOT help you filter/stop comment spammers from registering on your site.

HTTP: BlackList is a service available, for free, to members of Project Honey Pot that gives users access to the Black List database. This service is described at Services -> Overview and how to query the database is described at Services -> HTTP: Blacklist. Links on these two pages go to documentation of the HTTP:BL API and several implementations of the API.
If one of the written implementations is what you have installed, it would help me try to help you if I knew which of the implementations for WordPress you installed.


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