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Installing Honey Pots

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 Where and what files to install
Author: A.Biotic2   (2 Mar 15 6:55am)
I have downloaded files called Projecthoneypot_script. I have a wordpress site and a added on phpbb3 forum.
1. What files do I upload? The whole directory or some of the files and also
2.Where do I install them?
Do I need separate for wordpress and phpbb3? or just once
thx in advance
 Re: Where and what files to install
Author: H.User1325   (2 Mar 15 7:53am)
What is the files that you downloaded? A Honey Pot? an addon for wordpress? an extension for phpbb3?

A quick search here and on the phpbb websites do not reveal a file named projecthoneypot_script. Some more information would help.

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