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 HoneyPot on register.php URL?
Author: S.Liden Borell   (14 Feb 15 4:28am)

I've installed a honeypot on a register.php URL on forum. The forum uses another URL to register and the URL is in robots.txt, so no legitimate users should access it.

A *lot* of bots are accessing this particular URL. But most of them don't seem to post anything if they don't get a registration page (because of the filename I guess).

So my question is, should I keep this honeypot or should I delete/rename it?
 Re: HoneyPot on register.php URL?
Author: H.User1325   (14 Feb 15 11:08am)
I assume your honeypot (register.php) is in a different directory/folder than the forum register.php used for new members.

The honeypot is not trying to collect comment spammers. It is trying to identify harvesters, bots collecting (scrapping) email addresses to send spam to or to sell to other spammers.

If the similar file names has not broken your forum, I see no reason to change.

 Re: HoneyPot on register.php URL?
Author: S.Liden Borell   (15 Feb 15 2:22am)
Ok, thanks. Yes the forum register page has a completely different name.

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