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 Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: P.JOhnson   (23 Dec 14 9:35am)
Your instructions say to find the html folder in my server. I have been unable to find that folder. I've also contacted to Tech Support Representatives at Fatcow who have been unsuccessful at helping.

I have installed a folder in the root directory and uploaded the touch.php, however, when I pull up the url it leads to an Error 404 message.

I'm confused on what steps to take to install Honey Pot.
 Re: Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: H.User1325   (24 Dec 14 11:22am)
I'm a little confused, are you trying to install a Honey Pot on you domain as indicated by the Discussion topic, OR are you trying to install a HTTP: BL implementation in your Wordpress application as your topic would indicate?

Depending on how your ISP has configured you server some things may vary. However, the html folder is normally the root directory; the directory where your home page, index.html or index.htm or index.php or maybe Welcome.html file is located.

You might also try the root folder for you Wordpress application. Forums are often installed in a sub directory of the root directory for example /WP or /wordpress or /bb
 Re: Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: P.JOhnson   (25 Dec 14 6:12am)
I'm trying to upload into html folder as required in the instructions. I've tried creating a folder in the root folder. That didn't work either.
 Re: Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: H.User1325   (25 Dec 14 9:07am)
I see the edit you made to your original post.

When you requested your honey pot you provided the path where you wanted to install the honey pot, something like
or maybe

(To double check, see the path in STEP 4 of your instructions)

Based on your OP I assume the honey Pot file you were given is touch.php You should upload that file to the location/folder you provided when requesting the honey Pot. That is step 2 of the instructions.

If you created a new folder for your honey pot you need to make sure the permissions (step 3) The folder should have execution permission in Unix/Linux systems you need to be sure the folder permissions are 755. The file (touch.php) should be set to 644

When you check the installation point your browser to or what ever is the path in your instructions, Step 4.

Hope this helps

 Re: Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: P.JOhnson   (25 Dec 14 2:38pm)
Thank you for your reply. Yes, I requested my path in the same way you suggested.

The file I was given was touch.php.

I uploaded the file to a folder location, as well as without a folder. I also updated the permissions. I receive a 404 page not found.
 Re: Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: H.User1325   (25 Dec 14 3:50pm)
If you requested the location as you should locate the file in the root directory NOT in a sub folder.

The location should be the same as the path given in STEP 4. From what you have said, that would be the root directory, the same pace all you sub directories or folders are contact-us, faqs, 4-colmuns, etc.

FatCow should be able to help if you don't know where your rood directory is.
 Re: Wordpress Installation Issues
Author: P.JOhnson   (28 Dec 14 8:22pm)
Thank you for you concern, again. But, I think if you read above you'll find that I've repeated that I've tried that. For one reason or another it still brings me to an error.

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