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 New Hpot is tested and is running fine.
Author: M.Thompson12   (11 Oct 14 11:54pm)
At least that's what the site says and It's probably the fact. When I go to my site there's nothing there showing, which I expected from the script but it seems strange that I have no idea from looking at the page that it's working and attracting spam bots that are supposed to see it. I have no indication at all.

I guess I should just trust this site to tell me it's doing it's job, right?
 Re: New Hpot is tested and is running fine.
Author: L.Horror   (12 Oct 14 12:36pm)
when you visit your honey pot's URL you should see a page that is headed by 'TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE' or something similar. if you right-click and choose 'view source' or whatever you should see that the page contains the trap.
 Re: New Hpot is tested and is running fine.
Author: M.Thompson12   (22 Oct 14 11:39pm)
Ok. Makes sense. Thanks.

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