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 Using redirect for quicklink
Author: D.Dusharme   (27 Nov 13 8:31am)
I have a quicklink installed my Drupal-powered site. I would like to see how many times the quicklinks get clicked.

Drupal has an advertising module which allows me to make text ads. The links in the text ads are actually redirect links that send people to the actual URL. This allows the Drupal ad module to count clicks (pretty much how all ad servers work).

If I create a redirect for the quicklink, will that mess things up for honeypot? I wouldn't think so but I thought I would ask.

Another advantage of this is that I notice the quicklink actually has the word "honeypot" in it, which seems to be a dead giveaway; a bot could just look for that. A redirect would hide that.
 Re: Using redirect for quicklink
Author: B.Quig   (17 Aug 14 1:08pm)
Quicklinks don't all have the word "honeypot" in them. Sounds like whoever set up the honey pot that you were given a quicklink to did a poor job at naming it. I would try to request a new quicklink.

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