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 Is it possible to see results using the joomla httpbl
Author: P.Allan2   (4 Aug 14 3:40am)
I found the joomla plugin and saw the good feedback so its now installed on my site and enabled with the API key. I see mention of a log file somewhere but I cant find anything in the plugin files.
Is there any way to see what bad isps the plugin has stopped anywhere when using the joomla plugin? It would be good to know its really working.
Thanks so much for this, by the way.

 Re: Is it possible to see results using the joomla httpbl
Author: H.User1325   (4 Aug 14 8:07am)
You would need to check the documentation provided by the developer. To my knowledge Project Honey Pot does not develop or maintain any of the implementations.

But then I'm only another user like you.

I see logs mentioned on the website of one of the joomla implementations. You could post there and see what logs they have looked at and where they are.

You should be able to find where the log files are stored by looking at the code.

Again documentation by the author would be a source of information. Logs could be an option that needs to be turned on.
 Re: Is it possible to see results using the joomla httpbl
Author: P.Allan2   (7 Aug 14 10:52pm)
Thanks H. User1325,
I couldnt find anything after some searching so I am assuming the answer is no.
If I have this wrong I'd appreciated any advice.

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