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 how install on server used for hosting files?
Author: A.Addoly   (29 Jul 14 7:51pm)

I have a server without any website installed, just files to be downloaded directly.
Any way to install Project Honey Pot .

P.S May I use my http:BL API key on more than website? if not, how to create new one?

 Re: how install on server used for hosting files?
Author: H.User1325   (30 Jul 14 8:25am)
You can install a Honey Pot on your server. Without a webpage you of course can not have links to your HP on the server. You can add link on webpages on other servers you control. AND if you share your honey Pot (last question on request page) others can use a quicklink to direct traffic to your honey pot.

Yes you may use your http:BL API key on any website that you control. You should review the Terms of Service Use: SECTION 3: HTTP:BL SERVICE just to be sure what you have in mind is within the terms.

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