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 New TLD not working?
Author: J.Kirchner2   (23 Jul 14 6:34am)

I am trying to set up a honeypot. I have a .info domain and a .photos domain.

It works well on the .info domain.

But on my .photos domain I get this when I try to activate it:

A validation error occurred. If this problem persists, you will need to generate a new script.

Best Regards,
 Re: New TLD not working?
Author: H.User1325   (23 Jul 14 11:40am)
Sorry to hear you're having issues. This can happen if the files get corrupted. Just to be sure some other things to check.

1. You did request a different honeypot for each domain? The honeypot code is domain/location specific.

2. You are uploading the HP file to the location you specified when you had the HP generated?

If all else is well, you may need to do as the error message suggest and request a replacement HP be generated.

Good Luck, and welcome to the fight.
 Re: New TLD not working?
Author: J.Kirchner2   (24 Jul 14 5:10am)
Hi, thanks for responding

1. yes, I set up two Honeypots (one for .photos and one for .info domain)

2. yes, in the root www folder, like on the .info domain where it works

I regenerated a honeypot, but still that validation error on that .photos domain :(

 Re: New TLD not working?
Author: H.User1325   (24 Jul 14 6:49am)
Sorry. I would suggest you contact the staff.

Under "About" on the menu bar is "Contact Us" One of the feedback topics is "Honey Pot Page Problems." Fully explain what is happening and they should be able to help. They can see what is happening on their end when you try to validate your HP.

Good Luck
 Re: New TLD not working?
Author: J.Kirchner2   (24 Jul 14 6:52am)
I think it's the new domain. I just found this:

Author: L.Holloway (19 Sep 07 4:48pm)
"One of parameters your script was passing back did not pass a regex. It looks like it was failing against the "svrn" (server name) value. The regex looks for IPs or domains ending in 3-4 character TLDs; your domain happend to end in 5 characters (".local")."

So my .photos domain has 6 characters :)

But I will contact the staff, thank you :)

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