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 Quicklink is not working - timeout
Author: H.User185   (12 Jul 14 6:19am)

the quicklink which i got from your Site "Manage QuickLink" is not working.

The "verify link" is not possible:

What shall i do?

 Re: Quicklink is not working - timeout
Author: H.User1325   (12 Jul 14 3:04pm)
IIUC when you click on the "Verify My QuickLink" in step 1 under your quicklink it times out?

Do you have new windows disabled?

On the manage QuickLink page, are you clicking on the link in Step 1 to test your quicklink?

Under that link it says:

"If everything is working properly, a new window will open up with the message: "Congratulations Your QuickLink is functioning properly!" If you get this message, you can proceed to Step 2.

If you do not see the "Congratulations" message, then your QuickLink is not functioning properly and you may request a new QuickLink. To do so click on the "Test" link found in the gray box above. Our system will then test the QuickLink and confirm if it is misbehaving. The system will then provide you with a "Replace" option for your QuickLink in the gray box above."

Have you tried following those directions?
 Re: Quicklink is not working - timeout
Author: H.User185   (16 Nov 14 4:08pm)
Yes - i have.

30 Secons ago i clicked on the "verify quick link" - a new windows opened and after 25 seconds there was an "server not found".
 Re: Quicklink is not working - timeout
Author: H.User185   (28 Dec 14 8:30am)
The Quicklink is not working - "Time Out".

There is no window or message like "replace Quicklink".

What shall i do ?
 Re: Quicklink is not working - timeout
Author: H.User1325   (28 Dec 14 9:06am)
I would suggest you contact Project Honey Pot directly about your continuing problem (About => Contact Us)
 Re: Quicklink is not working - timeout
Author: J.Daley2   (28 Jan 15 9:23am)
One thing that I didn't notice until later was that though the "test" link was changed to "replace", that isn't the link you are supposed to click on, but rather the link at the top of the page, and then it replaced it with a new link.

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