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 Honey pot page fails to load
Author: M.Laurendeau   (28 Apr 14 2:02am)

The honey pot page I installed on my web hosting fails to load with the following message:

Unable to contact the Server. Are outbound connections disabled? (If a proxy is required for outbound traffic, you may configure the honey pot to use a proxy. For instructions, visit

I asked my web hosting provider why the connection to fails, and they answered that since there is no outbound connection restriction on the server, the server is probably blocking the connection.

The IP of the server that hosts my website is It does not seem to be listed as malicious right now.

I've posted my problem through the "contact us" page, but I've had no answer so far. I would be very grateful to anyone that can help be solve the issue.
 Re: Honey pot page fails to load
Author: G.Martinat   (26 Jun 14 3:11pm)
Unfortunately, according to spamhaus, your Web Hosting Provider is the world's top spam-supporting provider (, see also Chances are you inherited or you are/were sharing the same IP address of a known offender. My personal suggestion is to move away ASAP.

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