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 I need help please.
Author: R.Casteel   (8 Jun 14 10:19am)
I am brand new to web admin in general and know just enough to get me in trouble. lol

I have managed to upload the monochrome.php file using FTP onto my server but I have no clue how to get the script to run.

The Honeypot instructions gave an example link so I altered it to be the folder that I uploaded to and it looks something like this (with my actual site name of course)

so I tried to open that page in the web browser as it suggested ( I thinks this is where I goofed) and got the 404 error page not found.

Can anyone dumb it down for me as a newbie with step by step instructions? If it's relevant, I am using Joomla as my CMS but if I am understanding correctly, that shouldn't affect the honeypot install.

Thanks for any input!
 Re: I need help please.
Author: E.Langheinrich   (12 Jun 14 8:26am)
Have you tried accessing the page as

If /root/htdocs is the document root for your sitem where your index.html is located, you should be able to access the page directly.

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