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Author: H.User185   (17 Feb 14 9:51am)

the Quicklink given in the "Manage QuickLink" section is not working - if i click on it, after 10 seconds there is the message "time out" in the browser.

What shall i do?

 Re: Quicklink
Author: H.User1325   (17 Feb 14 1:17pm)
The QuickLink is a link to a honey Pot on someone else's domain. Go back to "Manage QuickLink" check the status (color of the @) and check the key. If the status is working, click on the word "test" following the QuickLink to make sure the status is current.

Shortly after clicking "Test" an "Attention" box should open on your screen with the current status.

Hope this helps. If all checks well using the projecthoneypot website, the problem may be delays in your connectivity.


Post Edited (17 Feb 14 2:02pm)

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