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 CF install error
Author: T.Barrow   (8 Jul 13 7:11pm)
I'm running Railo/Tomcat/Apache on an AWS EC2 Win 2008R2 instance and get the following error when HREFing to the foo.cfm file: "Potential abuse detected. For a list of abuse causes, click here. To fix the problem, you may try and install a new script."

Have downloaded two different scripts, and tried each both in the root folder of my site as well as under a "HoneyPot" folder.

Any help most appreciated.

 Re: CF install error
Author: T.Barrow   (8 Jul 13 7:25pm)
Just created another and unzipped it directly on the web server. Now get this:

"We have encountered a problem with your honey pot script that prevents our verification spider from visiting your pot. Your honey pot is not reporting its location correctly, we were expecting 'oniontitular.cfm' as part of the reponse; instead we have received these values:
REQUEST_URI: /Oniontitular.cfm
SCRIPT_NAME: /Oniontitular.cfm

The "oniontitular" file is in fact in the root folder of my site.

Would the correct response include my doman name (

Any thoughts appreciated.


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