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Author: S.Sytema   (15 Apr 13 7:34am)
I put the href somewhere in my getpersons.php.
And now the page is not showing anymore!
Is there a specific place to put the script in my getpersons.php or footer.php?
 Re: href
Author: H.User1325   (15 Apr 13 2:58pm)
It is hard to tell. Sounds like when you added the html anchor to your php script you created a syntax error which caused the parser to stop. Depending where in the script the error occurred only the error message may be displayed. your browser may not display the error in a way that can be seen.

I am not familiar with getpersons.php, but the link to your honey Pot should be added in such a way that the added html code does not create a php parser error or a html error in the code generated for the browser.

Yes the footer code would be a place to add the link so that it would be added to all pages that includes the footer.php file.

If you post a short block of the .php code including the HP link (with the href xxx out) someone could look at it and try to help you fix your the error.
 Re: href
Author: S.Sytema   (16 Apr 13 4:00am)
I put the href now at the bottom of the page and now the page is showing up!
Thanks for your help.

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