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Installing Honey Pots

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Author: H.Dixon   (5 Oct 05 10:28pm)
Why not simply have a chunk of javascript people could put onto their pages to generate email addresses for the spam harvesters? It's easier to install then perl or php, and it doesn't worry admins that they're using someone else's unverified code.
 Re: javascript
Author: C.Dijkgraaf   (27 Oct 05 6:54pm)
Because how and where would the JavaScript log the IP address, the date time and the generated e-mail address to?
If you just want a random address generator, there are plenty of examples out there, but this project goes beyond just trying to poison spammers mail lists.
 Re: javascript
Author: R.Monks2   (18 Sep 06 5:05pm)
Also, crawlers don't usually include external resources, like images, css and javascript. And, javascript served dynamically /can/ track IP, date/time, etc. It just wouldn't be viable in this case.

Thanks for the thoughts!

 Re: javascript
Author: D.Wizard   (17 Jan 13 3:12am)
I have successfully forwarded Mail Exchange pages for use by others as honeypot e-mail subdomains by modifying my godaddy DNS records. But I can't host a trap until I pony-up the upgrade site cash to run my own scripts.

My old free pages allow Javascript execution but restrict/reject any of the PHP that I've tried to install like Perl or ASP.

I would appreciate a Javascript honeypot generator code, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen, even if I can get it to execute as a server-side include.

Has anyone figured out how to host a honeypot on free sites?

Oh, well, just trying to help...
 Re: javascript
Author: H.User1325   (17 Jan 13 5:48am)
Your situation is exactly what QuickLinks are for, those that can not install a server side script.
 Re: javascript
Author: D.Wizard   (18 Jan 13 2:58am)
I reached step 3 with this Perl script.

I visited this address URL in a browser and it returned this error page:

"Control Panel Manage Add-ons Community Help
Script Error!
Custom CGI scripts can only be used by paying subscribers
To upgrade your account, subscribe!"

So, Angelfire WILL execute Perl scripts ending in .pl or .cgi, just not for free accounts.
Thanks, It looks like QuickLinks is as far as I can go to help, until a servier side Javascript honeypot can be developed.

 Re: javascript
Author: H.User1325   (18 Jan 13 7:56am)
By definition JavaScript is an open source client-side scripting language.

Don't hold your breath waiting for JavaScript honeypot. From a security point of view, there is no way to effectively have a honeypot execute on the harvester's system.

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