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Author: T.Brox   (7 Jan 13 2:11pm)
Any plans of supporting IPv6? I've already been struck by the first wiki spam bots using IPv6 - and I had to add that IP-range to a local blocklist to get rid of it.

Of course, blacklisting single IPv6-addresses doesn't give as much omph as blacklisting single IPv4-addresses ... but I guess there are viable strategies - i.e. start blocking a single IPv6, if two IPs in the same /64-range is spamming, block the full /64-range, and then continue blocking /56-ranges, /48-ranges etc if the frequency is too big.
 Re: IPv6
Author: H.User2584   (23 Oct 13 9:54am)
Yes, this is needed quite urgently - indeed, if I visit my honeypot from my machine (which is hosted on a dual stack server, as is my desktop) it gives me validation errors.

I kept reinstalling my honeypot until I had a brainwave moment and thought "wait, I'm getting to it over ipv6, maybe it doesn't like that" - indeed, that was the case. Force ipv4 connection and it's happy.
 Re: IPv6
Author: J.Allen15   (31 Mar 15 3:13pm)
I cannot activate using IPv6 and we are moving to an all IPv6 setup soon.
When might there be an IPv6 version.
 Re: IPv6
Author: C.Falconer   (27 Apr 15 4:25pm)
I concur - my link is which fails over IPv6.

This link fails to verify

However this works perfectly and I can now verify and proceed.

IPv6 cannot be ignored, its not going away. This report is over 2 years old.
 Re: IPv6
Author: C.Brand3   (13 Jul 15 1:49am)
Enter an IP to lookup:

Any plans of supporting IPv6?

 Re: IPv6
Author: S.Holwegner   (19 Oct 17 1:30pm)
This isn't going to go away.. I'm sure plenty of things need to be refactored, but I question just how useful my self-hosted honeypots are. I can give you MX records all day long- but if the capture software isn't capable of handling IPv6 requests, it becomes less useful in this day and age.
 Re: IPv6
Author: _domjh   (2 May 19 7:42pm)
Any update on IPv6 support? Getting validation issues all the time because of this...

Seems really important to keep this project up to date and being used!
 Re: IPv6
Author: H.Petrich   (24 Apr 20 12:53am)
Any updates?
 Re: IPv6
Author: G.Fauconnier   (26 May 20 4:01am)
Same for me. I would really appreciate IPv6 support !

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