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 Comment spammers and dictionary attacks
Author: T.Brox   (7 Jan 13 2:01pm)
How do you collect data on "comment spammers" and "dictionary attacks"? Do you have some API where one can post "bad events"?

I have several some domains that are virtually not in use, and it doesn't cost me anything to set up subdomains that may be dedicated honeypots. I've already had quite some spammers into my mediawiki installation, the ssh ports on my computers are constantly hammered by dictionary attackers. Knock on wood, so far I haven't received any spam on my new mail server, and hardly any unauthorized activity. Anyway, one of my motivations behind googling for projecthoneypot was that I'd like to deliver all the "bad" IPs to a pool. But maybe projecthoneypot isn't the right place for this?

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 Re: Comment spammers and dictionary attacks
Author: J.Sammy   (19 Apr 14 8:13pm)
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