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 PHP code visible in footer
Author: V.Holtreman   (22 Sep 12 10:06am)
Installed it, but if you go here and scroll to the bottom there is PHP code visible for some reason:

 Re: PHP code visible in footer
Author: E.Langheinrich   (24 Sep 12 9:02am)
Definitely some odd syntax in that section of your page.

Can you provide a link of where you got the instructions for that block?
 Re: PHP code visible in footer
Author: H.User1325   (24 Sep 12 10:53am)
Looking at the last lines of code sent to my browser (lines 610-627) looks like you may have inserted the httpBL

Lines 610 and 626 are not well formed in php or html

Just guessing but it looks like lines 612-624 didn't quite get inserted correctly.
 Re: PHP code visible in footer
Author: R.ODeay   (12 Jan 13 11:27am)
looks bad. at the bottom of that site.

do not follow this link

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