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 Google Analytics added to honey pot.
Author: D.Hopton   (13 Aug 12 5:28pm)
Hey guys getting a decent amount of traffic on my site (not complaining) but would love away to try to guestimate how many our legit visitors.

Could I install google analytics's tracking in the hony pot so it would record how many times it is visited ?
 Re: Google Analytics added to honey pot.
Author: H.User1325   (14 Aug 12 8:16am)
There are several ways to see the information you are looking for.

When you login here on your home page with all the statistics, in the left column you will see:

Spam traps issued on your sites: I believe this is number reflects the number of times one of the hidden links to your honey pot have been followed.

Harvester visits to your site(s): If an email address hidden in your honey pot is used to send spam, the IP address that was issued the spam trap (see above) would be part of this count.

Spam received at your addresses: This number reflects the total number of spam sent to all the spam trap addresses issued by your honey pot(s).

Other lines in your statistics are different cuts at the same numbers.

Also if you have access to you system logs, you could count the number of time your honey pot file was requested/accessed.

IIRC the google analytics implementation requires that you modify the page by adding a small script to the page so that google can track visits.

Although I have been chastised for making reference to the Project Honey Pot Terms of Service ( they do state in part "This includes without limitation not modifying in any way the software provided ..."
 Re: Google Analytics added to honey pot.
Author: E.Langheinrich   (14 Aug 12 8:42am)
Modifying your script will also cause it to fail any validation checks made by the Project Honey Pot system against your honey pots.
 Re: Google Analytics added to honey pot.
Author: D.Hopton   (14 Aug 12 11:43am)
thanks guys

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