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 Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: L.Hippiechick   (20 Jul 12 1:59pm)
I'm a total newbie to honeypots, and have very little understanding of php, except to copy and paste. My question relates to Step #4 of honeypot installation.

I'm running an ecommerce website with Wordpress on a dedicated SSL server. I installed the Honeypot php to my root html directory, and the script works. Yay!

Now where do I put this html code given to me in Step #4? Inside the style.css of my wordpress theme (or it's child theme)? In the header or footer php of my theme? Is there any kind of documentation for newbies like me? I'm a bit confused.

Thank you in advance!
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: E.Langheinrich   (23 Jul 12 9:41am)
You can really add the html anywhere. The key is to have it appear on pages that bots are likely to visit. So if you add it to the headers or footers it should be included on all your pages.

That html is basically just a link to your honey pot page.

 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: P.Lockhart   (3 Nov 13 5:14pm)
I am having the same problem. I have added it to the footer and then the header, but I don't see anything different in either. Am I supposed to see something?

When I look at the code for the header or footer, it's mostly Greek to me. Is there someplace special to put this link in a wordpress php script?
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: H.User1325   (8 Nov 13 8:56pm)
You shouldn't see anything. The object is for humans NOT to see the link but bots to "see" the link and follow it.
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: P.Lockhart   (9 Nov 13 7:06pm)
Ok, I understand. Is there a way to verify if I have finished this step properly then? I have done one verification previous to this.
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: H.User1325   (9 Nov 13 8:40pm)
From your earlier post I assume you are not familiar with HTML or php(?) which makes it tough. If you are willing to post where your workpress is located I will take a look and see if you added the links correctly.

 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: J.Zehring   (15 May 14 6:02am)
I installed a honeypot on one site and am trying to install on a second. I bring up the php script and click on verity but get the following message:
Illegal Page Access Recorded and my IP address is shown to be recorded as "abuse" possibly.
Something I am doing wrong on this?


I am using one browser to create the script and a second to verify? Is there some dependency that requires the be built within the same browser?

I just answered my own question :-) I went back to the original browser and it verified.
OOPS... THis might help someone else - so leaving the post.
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: A.Dimitriou4   (17 Jan 15 2:09am)
I have the first 3 steps verified.
About step 4: I pasted all the suggested links of step 4 to my joomla 2.5 style.css file. Is there any way to verify this step 4 please?
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: H.User1325   (17 Jan 15 8:14am)
The suggested links are HTML anchors <a ... > </a> or maybe an anchor inside a HTML division <div ...>

As HTML code they should be inserted into an HTML file or included in one (or more) of the existing joomla PHP files.

The style.css files only describe the style, how they are displayed, not what is displayed.
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: M.Hallam   (28 May 16 9:47am)

Post Edited (28 May 16 9:49am)
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: N.HASAN   (6 Jan 18 4:28am)
 Re: Honey Pot setup Step #4
Author: D.Mcsee   (22 Dec 18 12:29am)

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