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 Users IP Address identified incorrectly
Author: J.Harding2   (11 Jun 12 11:53am)
I have a forum user that is legit as I know him personally.

About 90% of his visits to the forum result in a "Access Denied" display that says his IP address is a bot and/or his computer is infected. But, each time he tests his IP address when this occurs, the IP address from his machine does not match the "flagged" IP address from the security software.

I checked the "bad" IP and it is listed in the Project files... but, his "actual" IP address is not... in fact, he was able to register with the forum under his "actual" IP address, it's just when he tried to access the forum ,most times, the forum security software claims his IP is something else.

What steps can I take to resolve this?


 Re: Users IP Address identified incorrectly
Author: E.Langheinrich   (11 Jun 12 2:17pm)

I'm emailing you directly on this.


 Re: Users IP Address identified incorrectly
Author: J.Harding2   (11 Jun 12 5:47pm)
Hi Eric... I emailed you back... mahalo for your quick reply!

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