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 Random Links
Author: W.Groleau   (18 May 12 9:08pm)
I'm sure this is obvious to many of you, but for everyone else, here's a trick:

I put all my links in one file, then in my site's footer.php, appended to every page, I added

// Generate honeypot link
$UniGen_HoneyPots = file(WT_THEME_DIR . "/honeypots.txt");
$UGHP_Link = $UniGen_HoneyPots[array_rand($UniGen_HoneyPots)];

echo '<p class="logo">(the HTML to make my logo)', $UGHP_Link, '</p>';

So each page visit gets a randomly selected link.
 Re: Random Links
Author: W.Zur Borg   (7 Jun 12 5:47am)
Thank you for the idea!
 Re: Random Links
Author: E.Langheinrich   (7 Jun 12 9:22am)
That's great! Thank you for sharing.

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