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 Abnormal installation?
Author: R.Australia   (30 Mar 12 1:08am)
Hi guys, I'm James, one of the guys over at

As of March 30th 2012, we have 15,213,497 pages indexed in Google, a significant portion or which is listings of Australian businesses.

We started getting a significant amount of spam from (mostly) China and India, all of which was looking for some business on our site. The thing is, anyone with even basic English comprehension would realize that sending an email to isn't going to reach "McIvor Agricultural Consultants Pty Ltd".

We are very clear in what we are and the service we offer, and this kind of spam is downright annoying.

On the 21st, we decided to entirely block Philippines, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China from our site. Anyone visiting our site from an IP in those countries is 301 redirected to

Doing this has increased the amount of spam that gets past Google App's spam filters, to the point we're getting around 25 emails/day to the blocked@ address, all of which make it to the inbox.

We'd like to do something about this, and donating some resources to Project Honey Pot seems fitting.

I looked at the current example honepot page, and didn't find it all that appealing to put up. For the 0.1% of emails we receive that are legit to the address, we'd of course like to keep their details private.

Any suggestions/help on how we can benefit the community would be appreciated.
 Re: Abnormal installation?
Author: E.Langheinrich   (2 Apr 12 8:54am)

I'm happy to talk with you about ways to participate in the project. drop me a message through the contact us form and I'll reply to you directly.
 Re: Abnormal installation?
Author: R.Australia   (2 Apr 12 4:46pm)
Will do, thanks.

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