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 Noob Instructions
Author: M.Pfaff   (26 Mar 12 6:57am)

I'm trying to install honeypot on my website/forum. We're using GoDaddy and "Deluxe" hosting plan. We have an SMF forum installed on directory.

We get a lot of spam bots that can't register, but are doing who knows what... And, slowing our server down.

I've downloaded the script and uploaded it to my html directory, but I'm kind of confused on how to "set permissions" and install at this point.

I'm using the .php file.

Any help would be appreciated.


 Re: Noob Instructions
Author: H.User1325   (26 Mar 12 7:46am)
If you are using a php script you may not need to change the permissions. I am not familiar the GoDaddy user interface, but would guess that when you upload a file it is given read permission.
Try to access the script with you browser by pointing you browser to

If the scrip responds you are good to go.

 Re: Noob Instructions
Author: M.Pfaff   (26 Mar 12 8:41am)
Yup. That worked!

Thanks, Lou.


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