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 Banner on Zen Cart
Author: S.Caraway   (12 Jan 12 12:48am)
I would like to place the banner in the footer or maybe down the side of my zen cart but don't seem to be able to get an image by putting the html code in the banner manager.

Any Ideas?

I thought maybe I should create an image like the one shown in the hide email instructions here and just put the link code in the tpl_footer.php but the instructions said to put the code exactly as it was given so that is out.
 Re: Banner on Zen Cart
Author: W.Groleau   (18 May 12 8:57pm)
This is the second time in my life I heard of Zen Cart.

The first was earlier today when it was the top entry on one of the lists of bad guys.

Am I missing something?

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