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 Wordpress Honeypot
Author: C.May7   (19 Oct 11 11:13pm)
I have had a few hits to wp-login.php on my site (though I don't run wordpress) and am wondering if I can/should set up a honeypot with this name, or maybe put in a 301 redirect for calls to this page to my actual honey pot.

Thoughts on this? Is it a good/bad plan?
 Re: Wordpress Honeypot
Author: M.Rezaee2   (22 Oct 11 11:09pm)
 Re: Wordpress Honeypot
Author: C.May7   (23 Oct 11 6:44am)
Either M.Rezaee2 is an idiot, or the spam catchers are getting spammed.
 Re: Wordpress Honeypot
Author: Q.Shui   (29 Nov 11 6:17am)
Setup honeypot with name as "wp-login.php" is catchy, I think. :)
But you can not create it.
I just try it and got error message:
"Invalid Script name. Script name must be less than 25 characters and must consist of only letters and numbers."
 Re: Wordpress Honeypot
Author: J.Sammy   (19 Apr 14 8:17pm)

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