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 the text part of a honeypot link
Author: E.Bennett2   (27 Aug 11 4:06pm)
Does it matter? I mean, is it somehow assigned to or associated with my honeypot? I think the answer is "no" and if so then it will be much easier for me to add to a plugin a peer of mine wrote.

Our plugin first requires an access key, meaning someone using it will be a consumer of this project. My contribution is to say "go get a honeypot", meaning they would then be contributing to the project. Randomly selecting a string (honeypot link) and adding it to each page displayed by the CMS is easy. Getting the random text I was given isn't, but I think I can work around that by providing 12 or 15 random words to use with a randomly selected honeypot link.

Thanks much, have fun.
 Re: the text part of a honeypot link
Author: M.Zilverschoon   (25 Sep 11 6:09pm)
The honeypot link is not in anyway connected to the honeypot,
It is only there to give some Randomness to the link name, that not everybody will use the same one.

However the name of the script file is not changeable after generation, however also the name can be chosen during the generation process.


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