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 Change Page directive for .NET honey pots
Author: L.Latham   (29 Jun 11 5:20pm)

I sent this request via the Contact Us form, but I didn't get a response.

Please change the Page directive for the .NET honey pot to:

<%@ Page Language="C#" EnableTheming="false" StylesheetTheme="" Theme="" %>

My app assigns a CSS stylesheet on the fly from a setting in the web.config file. When the app is compiled, the link is inserted into the head section of any page in the app. The .NET honey pot has no head section and may choke on the tampering-check checksum anyway even if it did have html markup. If I change your Page directive manually, the page definitely chokes on your checksum. The change above will not affect anything with how your script functions ... it will merely tell the compiler not to try to attach a theme file to the page.



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