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Installing Honey Pots

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 Installing on SMF Forums
Author: J.Jeon   (26 Jun 11 6:33am)

I'd like to instal Honey Pot on an SMF forums.I think i'd need a download package to install it on SMF and the API Key,can i access it please?

Thank you
 Re: Installing on SMF Forums
Author: S.Shortstrider   (28 Jun 11 1:25am)
You want the httpBL mod from the SMF Mod Site ...

And your API key is shown in your Dashboard.

It works great too!
 Re: Installing on SMF Forums
Author: K.King3   (9 Jan 12 5:32am)
If a honeypot is installed in the root of your site, how can it interact with the intergrated httpBL that is installed in smf in a different folder.

no records are forwarded To the Honeypot Project, although I have 57 guest spammers in the log in Smf.

I have links in the message boards that go to the honeypot. php file but nothing shows in my account

any reasons/ideas or am I looking at this incorrectly?

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 Re: Installing on SMF Forums
Author: R.Matthews4   (24 Jan 12 4:45am)
I have found that using httpBL in SMF works very well, but for some reason it stops working every night from about midnight to 11:30AM EST.

I get httpBL log entries all day from noon to 11:59PM, but then no log entries until the next day. This has been going on for 4 days now.

I get no spammer sign ups when httpBL is working, but during the night when it stops working, the spammers sign up. So I know that there is spam traffic during the times when there are no new entries in the httpBL log.

Does anyone know what might be happening?

 Re: Installing on SMF Forums
Author: B.B11   (1 Feb 12 9:55am)
I just had the same problem with my SMF forum as the above poster.

I installed httpBL yesterday afternoon for the first time. I logged over 75 hits from 15:00 until just after midnight (00:39). I then had zero logged hits from 00:39 until 12:45 today. Now I am seeing tons of log entries again. It's almost as if the mod stopped working for 12 hours. There are no entries in my error log.

Day 2 ...

I did not have this same problem during the second night. I had plenty of hits from midnight until noon. Either the problem is fixed or it was a one-time or intermittent problem.

Day 3 ...

The problem has returned. No logged hits from just after midnight (00:27). The first night it stopped working from midnight till noon. The second night it worked all night. The third night it has stopped working again.


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 Re: Installing on SMF Forums
Author: E.Langheinrich   (3 Feb 12 1:33pm)

I want to update what I'm seeing on the http:BL name servers. Barry was kind enough to share his key so I could check the query logs on the name servers corresponding to the times he isn't seeing traffic in his logs.

During the time that Barry isn't seeing traffic in his logs, I am seeing queries within the name server logs from his IP using his key.

What would be helpful is if someone can run both a netstat and a manual query during the times when they are not seeing log activity and post the results.



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