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 Joomla CMS and httpbl
Author: F.Wagner4   (19 Jun 11 12:15pm)

I am new to Project Honey Pot.

When spammers got to be a problem at my website I looked around and found Project Honey Pot. I downloaded and installed in my root site directory the homegrown.php file and sprinkled redirect URLs around my home page.

At the time, it appeared to me that the program was designed for a traditional HTML site but I thought I knew what I was doing.

Now I didn't consider at the time that because I am running a Joomla CMS website that perhaps I had installed the wrong program. I went to the site and found an extension plugin called httpbl and I downloaded it and installed it and activated it. I found it at Joomla at this page:

So now I have both the Joomla plugin httpbl installed and the original homegrown.php installed.

So I have three questions:

1. Should I uninstall homegrown.php and leave httpbl installed or should I leave them both installed?

2. Do I need the redirect https sprinkled around the site when I am using the httpbl plugin? There is no mention at the Joomla extentions page that I saw.

3. There are no results shown as yet on the Dashboard here at Project Honey Pot.
Do I need to do something else or should I be more patient for updates?

Any suggestions appreciated!


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 Re: Joomla CMS and httpbl
Author: F.Wagner4   (23 Jun 11 7:31am)
I can now answer my own questions:

1. Leave them both up. At least, no harm is noted as of now.
2. I assume the redirects are successful so I am leaving them, because of:
3. Spam has been cut 80% even though nothing shows up yet on the dashboard.


 Re: Joomla CMS and httpbl
Author: M.Blakey   (13 Feb 12 5:20am)
httpbl is not a 'HoneyPot' plugin.

It simply uses the Project HoneyPot database to stop rogue IP's from entering you site. Hence the redution in spam!

Nothing will show up on your dashboard as a result of running the 'httpbl plugin'

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