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 MX donation and honeypot installation
Author: S.Lloyd   (17 Apr 11 2:54pm)
Hi, im new to this and new to owning a server, if i create a sub domain i.e and i give it access to /public_html how do i find out what the MX is (i have no idea what this is, i use cpanel and do see an MX section in the mail handling), do i have to create email addresses or add anything to the sub domain folder.

do i install the honeypot there or on my site (, also i use vBulletin forum software so how would i display the honeypot or do i just add a link to the external honypot page?, does the link need to be visible to my users?

Sorry for the multiple questions :)

 Re: MX donation and honeypot installation
Author: W.Peters4   (25 Jun 11 9:34am)
The MX record is data in the Domain Name Server for your domain name. It tells other systems where to send mail addressed to users in your domain. So if I were to send mail to your domain, say, my mail server would look up your MX record to find the ip address and name of your mail server, then send my email to that address.

If you don't have control over your DNS entries, you will not be able to add another MX entry.

If you have access, such as with you can log in there and add a new subdomain and add a new MX entry for that subdomain. Then you can donate that MX entry.

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