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 Installing on SMF Forum
Author: D.Petrovic   (7 Mar 11 9:12am)
I type in my website, then it asks for script language. I have tried php 4 and perl to no avail and it does not work. When in my cpanel they use perl and its linux. So what should I choose here to put it on my server???

So I had to uninstall it. I will not be able to install this until someone here can tell me what should be chosen and WHERE to put it. Should I put it in my public.html or someplace else???

Hope someone can answer this

 Re: Installing on SMF Forum
Author: D.Welburn   (4 May 11 1:41am)
If you are using SMF, you should probably select php as the script language.

Place the generated file in your root folder. The file itself doesnt do anything unless accessed.

Place links to this file where the bots will find them. If you are active on your forum, a good place to put the links is in your signature. I use a 1 x 1 pixel transparent gif linked to the file, that way users dont see it....but bots do.

Then just sit back, and come here to check your logs now and then.
 Re: Installing on SMF Forum
Author: S.Moran   (16 Jun 11 2:08am)
Excellent suggestion Welburn. I've decided to take your advice on the 1 x 1 pixel and apply it to my signature, as well as modified my forum footer to include the link as well. :) Hopefully this will help!

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