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 Honeypot not functioning
Author: P.Dal   (24 Feb 11 2:15pm)
I've setup a few honey pots, and all checks pass, and it tells me they are active. However, when I visit one of the pages, there is no email in there, and when I look at the source, there's a comment at the bottom:

<!-- Invalid IP: (request must orginate from a non-private range) -->

I'm pretty sure that is because my sites run through a reverse proxy, and do not receive the actual IP address of the visitor.

I don't think I can bribe the proxy to pass the IP address on. I'll look into his though, but if that proves to be the case, should I just delete my honeypots, or can they be made functional in some way?
 Re: Honeypot not functioning
Author: P.Dal   (24 Feb 11 3:41pm)
I was able to get it to work with a little bit of hacking to bypass the modification protection (Why is this in there anyway? It's too weak to keep the bad coders out). I think it may be a good idea to include this in the script(s) by default (I use PHP), or maybe make it a selectable option.

At the very top of the script add:


Things are working much better now!

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