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 Why no open DNSBL ?
Author: R.Brown10   (30 Jan 11 7:43pm)
I'm curious why proj honeypot does not make it's data available through a standard DNSBL ?
 Re: Why no open DNSBL ?
Author: A.Degives Mas   (14 May 11 11:09pm)
I don't know what you mean with "standard" but the PHP data are polled in a very simple way through the http:BL API, using the DNS request system to make sure it's blazingly fast.

Good enough for most any use; if you have something out of the ordinary, drop the PHP devs a note.
 Re: Why no open DNSBL ?
Author: W.Siaw   (23 Jun 11 9:07pm)
I'm wondering the same too, the trouble with your implementation (ie: [Access Key] [Octet-Reversed IP] is that you can't plug it straight into a mail server configuration file.

Why not [Octet-Reversed IP] [Access Key] instead?
 Re: Why no open DNSBL ?
Author: S.Wieser   (9 Aug 11 5:21am)
W.Siaw, you're not allowed to use the DNSBL for mail servers.

"You agree that it is a violation of this Agreement to use information provided by the HTTP:BL service to block email. Use of HTTP:BL to block email subjects you to the immediate revocation of your Access Key and potential additional sanctions."

Read the service agreement...

Post Edited (9 Aug 11 5:21am)
 Re: Why no open DNSBL ?
Author: M.Zilverschoon   (25 Sep 11 6:12pm)
Maybe I should read the service agreement.

But I got a question, why not?
 Re: Why no open DNSBL ?
Author: M.Rezaee2   (22 Oct 11 11:04pm)
My PC again don't work correctly and had have continue project honey pot on my phone SE... Are am able continue this story Script?

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