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 Installed Honeypot - Paranodi of being blacklisted
Author: A.Holley2   (16 Jan 11 11:14am)
If I just installed a working PHP based no shared no public statistics honeypot on my php site (Wordpress blog) in order to support my use of http:Bl (as I think this is a great project), and then I visit the page after activation... am I running the risk of being blacklisted?

How does it work exactly, how does the honeypot page detect or know a spammer from a real person? If I visit the honeypot page again (as I did before just to see if it's working) am I in danger of my IP address being blacklisted?

Is it that there are links inside that page that a spammer would follow that triggers detection, or email fields it would e-mail or hidden comment forms it'd fill out? I'm very confused about how that specifically works and don't want to be blacklisted.

Can anyone help me? I'm sorry if this is such a newbie question, please be patient.

 Re: Installed Honeypot - Paranodi of being blacklisted
Author: H.User1325   (16 Jan 11 2:33pm)
Asher, No problem; Well unless when you visit the your honey pot you looked at the html code, collect the hidden email address like a harvester would, AND then send an email (spam) to that address in spite of being told not to.

That is how Project Honey Pot tell the difference between people and harvesters/spammers. The link to your honey pot, in you wordpress blog, is not visible to normal people. If some one follows the link, the honey pot says "don't do that" BUT if they find the email address anyway and uses it, they really wanted to send spam.

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