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 Bad bad instructions!
Author: T.Durden4   (11 Jan 11 5:17am)
Thx and sorry for my rude criticism!

It sais "How-to" and "FAQ" and "help" and so on, but there is no step-by-step install instructions anywhere!

E.g. What do i have to enter in the the box "Honey Pot URL" under Settings ?
"Provide the full URL"... I have about 5 possible URls to drop here ! WTH?
Where is the example? The useless Links in the Plugin is leading to nowhere.

And then under "Manage Honey Pots" on your site. -> "Add Honey Pots to a Site:"
My blog is on "" and this cant be entererd there!
"" has a hint is totally useless!

Where are simple screenshots for the simple people like me !?
It has to easy and simple guys...

I will remove our sticky honey "stuff" from my site now...
STATUS: "Not active".

Sorry for my poor english!

 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: H.User1325   (11 Jan 11 10:28am)
Poor English is one thing, attitude is another.

Since you didn't ask for assistance I won't offer it.
 I didnt want to start a spam conflict in a Message Board....
Author: T.Durden4   (13 Jan 11 5:36am)
So, who has the attitude...
Positive dealing with a frustraded user/customer and taking all feedbacks seriously should be your first and only task.

I learned from your response:

Warm Applaus and only possitive feedback for your self-sacrificing commitment and dedication is very welcome (and of course donations)!

But, clear and un-opportunistic / unadjusted criticism is what makes you better.
It doesent makes me better!

You offering a service / a code; not me!
If I have to call the "hotline" after I got a tool, a soft- and/or hardware there is something wrong on the presenter side, not the user side.

Maybe this fact is making you unhappy, but you have around 700 posts on "Installing Honey Pots" and "Newbie/Basic Questions" .
And most of them a simple questions that are not answered by your instructions.

Conclusion: Bad bad (installing/Configuration) instructions!
By the way, you could avoid hundreds of posts with a smooth documentation.

Hope I could help (without any asking and applaus and donations)

Again, sorry for my poor english & feel free to delete this message tree.

 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: H.User1325   (13 Jan 11 12:41pm)
TD you may have mistaken me and my views as something official.
I am only a user of PHP services and one of the many who have donated resources to support the project.

I do find it interesting that you feel it is OK for you to denigrate others and the quality of assistance when requesting help, yet you don't understand why it does not result in a positive result.

Not having ask a specific question it is hard to know what your question is. Other than your displeasure with the contents of the website, it is hard to know where to start without randomly mimicking your post.

However, step-by-step instructions to install your honey pot will be contained in the zipped package you will receive after you register your domain, which ever one of the "about 5 possible URls" you chose and you have access to so you can install the honeypot. Sense the honeypot is domain specific, they need to be registered and installed one at a time.

Having read all the documentation I am sure you are aware that there is only one HP issued per domain. Therefore the example, "", makes sense. It provided the information necessary to access a domain.

If your blog is located in the sub directory, did you try entering the domain (stripping off the directory name) that looks like the example,

 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: J.Eaton   (19 Jul 11 8:00am)
I read the same text and understood it perfectly, but then I have been hosting for decades and understand links etc.
But if I didn't, I wouldn't critisize for my lack of undertanding, or lack newbie help available. If the help isn't here then ASK!

H.User1325, myself and others are willing help and pass on knowledge and experience when we can, attitude get you nowhere except the ignore button.

This project is freely developed by others and supported by Web and Host masters all around the World. But if after some thought you still feel this way then feel free to uninstall and continue with spam and various maltactics and without the Project.

 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: T.Howard5   (7 Sep 11 4:01pm)
wow im just glad i have no clue about any of this you all going back and forth about attitude and all lol

how about just putting out a step by step how to install with easy to understand (for the not so techie peeps like myself ) phrasing and technical descriptions of a proper install and as far as the, step-by-step instructions to install your honey pot will be contained in the zipped package you will receive after you register your domain, that's not a good answer to the question at hand even i can see that and im not the sharpest tool in the shed
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: M.Blakey   (13 Feb 12 5:05am)
I agree with 'T.Howard5'
[QUOTE: 'how about just putting out a step by step how to install with easy to understand (for the not so techie peeps like myself)'].

I have registered my Joomla based site but, I have not got a clue which 'website scripting language' I need or where to put it. I had a go with PHP4+ in the public.html folder and it threw up errors so I have given up.

I wonder how many other people give up at the 'Add Honey Pots' stage?

Regards to you all. I would love to join in and help. BUT I CAN'T because there are no instructions! And it's 5 months down the line since T.Howard5's request and its still gobbledeegook to me.

 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: R.Libowski   (14 Feb 12 10:00am)

Actually the Honey Pot scrips is really simple to install IF
(a) one follows the few instructions given
(b) doesn't modify the script
(c) has installed scripts before (important)

From my experience a common problem is that people try to install a script for the first time in their life and thus run into issues which are not related to this specific script but are related to missing requirements for script installation in general.

It's almost unimportant what language you select here on the script generator. The question is what languages are supported by your host/server and which is the language you're familiar with.
Installing scripts it might be important how the script is uploaded (as a tar file and unpacked on the server? via FTP? or some sort of "file manager" in whatsoever "control panel" offered by your host.
Futhermore scripts may require correct permission, file extension or locations specified by the server.

If someone has installed 'any' script before in 'any' language, then the few instructions should serve well to install a honepot script in 'that' language on 'that' server.

If someone has never installed a script before, then this should be stated clearly and information should be provided, where the site is hosted and with which hosting plan. ... then someone would be able to provide specific advice. Otherwise everone willing to help is sort of lost.

Unfortunately nowadays there are so many hosts out there offering "one-click-install-of-your-favorite-whatsoever-blog/forum/content-management/gallery.." that the information a person is running a "wordpress" site doesn't mean anything regarding experience installing scripts.

So, if you'ld like to install such a honeypot script on your server, then try to provide a few information specific to your needs.
Which language are you familiar with?
Have you installed scripts before? in which language?
What's your host and which plan have you booked.

NO need to know your domain name. Only the technical aspects are relevant.

Note please:
I'm just a new registrant to this software and stumbled over this post looking for something. Not sure I can help you or will even be able to note your response. But with a bit of technical information "someone" will be able to help.
... though I'll try to check back tomorrow. Can't promise though, too many items on the plates to deal with.

Have a nice day.
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: M.Blakey   (16 Feb 12 4:45am)
Hi R.Libowski
Thanks for your reply.
I specifically mentioned that I run a Joomla based site and considering the fact that 14 million copies of the software have been downloaded since March 2007 I think that I can comfortably make the assumption that it is extremely popular and it's users would make a useful contribution to Project HoneyPot.
So, I being a non-coder expect, YES EXPECT that somewhere on this site there would be straight forward installation instructions, if only listed in the FAQ like:

A/ If you are running a Joomla website, then your server is already runnning PHP scripts, so PHP 4+ is the one for you.
You need to upload the script to the 'Teplate Folder' that you are using.
eg: yourjoomlasite/public_html/templates/ja_purity
Simple, straight forward instructions......are what I spent a whole day trying to find out!!!!

And in the end I only found out by trial and error.... I wonder how many people give up?

Now I need to suss out how to install the links!!!

Best Regards
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: K.Hopster   (23 Feb 12 4:27am)
thanx! was frustrated myself aswell... thanx for your instructions ;)
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: W.Groleau   (18 May 12 8:53pm)
The reason there are not complete install instructions on the site for everybody is because each honeypot contains detailed instructions customized for the individual domain name it was requested for.

Even so, a large portion of the instructions IS repeated on the website.

Could the instructions be better? Yes. But they are already MUCH better than the average for things like this.
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: L.Brooks   (11 Aug 12 7:02am)
@W.Groleau ... An SMF forum is an SMF forum. The fact that the script may be named different from site to site has nothing to do with it. The script will still go in the same place for an SMF forum. The placing of the scrip and the adding of links have nothing to do with individual domain names. The placing of the script and mostly the adding of links are what people have trouble with.

I and plenty of other newbies to the forum and honey pot world are generally lost doing an installation of this honey pot. The instruction are written for the knowledgable person and do not take in account the thousands upon thousands of new people starting a web site.

I still have questions about adding links so all I do is stuff the script in the parent folder and leave it at that. Is it working? Well, I am sure it is based on my Dashboard results, however, a better set of instructions would have enabled me to do a more complete instalation and thus capture more of the bad guys.

While I am certainly grateful for this HP group and those that support it, I find that I can easier install StopForumSpam and rest just as well knowing that my sites have adequate protection. The truth be told, I am capturing more of the bad guys with StopForumSpam than I am with this Honey Pot.

Yes I know this is an old post but I certainly have sympathy with the original poster.
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: R.Savori   (22 Sep 12 4:46am)
If you can't figure out how to install a script on your server, just use a Quicklink which links to a script on somebody else's server. They have kindly figured it all out for you and all you need to do is link to it. Easy.
 Re: Bad bad instructions!
Author: E.Langheinrich   (24 Sep 12 9:06am)
Quicklinks is probably the perfect solution for the original post since the web presence is a sub directory of a larger set of pages.

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